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5 Energy Saving Tips For Your Swimming Pool!

Hello Spring! Goodbye Winter! What better way to welcome the new season than with a crystal clear swimming pool! It's been taunting us all winter while we dream of warmer days and now that the sun is awake, you're ready to just dive in head first! 

However, that luxury comes with a cost, increased energy expenses. But we have some great energy saving tips that will help you enjoy your pool without your own temperature rising when the bill comes! Spring is the perfect time to make sure your pool is in safe working order for the Spring! Avoid costly mistakes by having a certified electrician inspect all of your electrical components before the season kicks off!  

Keep Your Pool Clean! 

A great start to saving money begins with a clean pool! Better water flow equals less strain on your equipment.

  • Not only will this alleviate additional energy costs, but will also cut down your maintenance and chemical costs as well.

It's much easier to spend 30 minutes with your skimmer and brush daily, than throwing away hundreds of dollars literally down the drain and hours later getting it back to a healthy state! 

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Maintaining A Healthy Water Flow

Water circulation is affected by; How often you run your filter and pump, the condition and cleanliness of your filter and how full your skimmer and pump baskets are.

  • During the swim season, it's recommended to run your filter system for at least 8 full hours a day.
  • It allows your water to constantly be in motion which reduces contaminants and even chemical distribution.

Perform Regular Pool Filter Cleaning

Dirty filters are not only failing to keep your pool beautiful and clean but, they are also causing strain on your system that is unnecessary and reduce the effectiveness. That strain on the system is causing it to overwork wasting energy in the process. 

  • Make it a routine habit and clean your pool filter every 2-3 weeks! 

Pool Filters

Run Your Swimming Pool Pump Less & At Night

8 full hours of filtration is plenty of time for most swimming pools. It allows ample time to distribute chemicals and filter out contaminants.

  • Not allowing your pump to run over the recommended 8 hours yields big savings in the long run! 

Why run at night? Because you're able to avoid peak energy use hours.

  • Electrical companies charge higher rates to use your electricity (usually those hours fall on working hour schedules morning and afternoons).
  • Running your pump at night can ensure that you are avoiding those peak hours and putting more money back in your own pocket to enjoy summer! 

Swimming Pool Pumps

Install An Automatic Pool Timer

Did life get you too busy? Do you find yourself going days without remembering to power on or off your pool system? We have the perfect solution! 

  • We can install an Automatic Timer that easily manages your pool pump and heater run times.
  • There are many options to set the timer for, on a specified schedule, based on water temperature, or a combination of both.
  • The timer will activate and apply the needed power to your pool system saving you time and energy as well!  

Call Hutton Power & Light today and see how we can save you money so you can stay cool all summer long! After hours and emergency appointments available!

We even offer $30 off all heating, cooling or electrical service calls.

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