Blowing Hot Air!

5 Reasons Why Your A/C is Blowing Hot Air!

 It's getting that time where it's finally hot enough to complain about how hot it is! While we're out enjoying the pools, beaches, parks and family time when you get home the last thing you want to find is your A/C blowing air hotter than the wings you just downed at that barbecue! These are the most common issues that cause A/C units to fail us when we need them the most. Be cool and call us today to schedule your yearly Spring Maintenance! 

Thermostat settings: 

Thermostat settings

Obviously, the first thing we always want to check is the thermostat settings just to ensure that you have the system set to cool. Mistakes happen and systems get switched back to heat. Also, make sure the desired temperature setting is below the current temperature of the environment. 

Dirty Air Filter: 

Dirty air filter

We always stress how vital a clean air filter for your HVAC system is. Not only does it provide clean air to your home, it protects your system from the major clogging culprits; dust, dirt, and debris. It is a good rule of thumb to at least check your filter monthly. Keeping them clean, keeps you cool! 

Condenser Coils Blocked: 

Blocked Condenser Coils

Anything that restricts air flow from entering the condenser is going to affect the efficiency of your HVAC system. Debris, overgrown foliage, dirt, and mold are some common obstructions. Proper coil maintenance should be a regular spring and summer activity, especially when the pollen count is higher. 

Air Duct Obstructions and Leaks: 

Air Duct Obstructions and Leaks

Since ducts are often times difficult to access, there may be issues where you're unaware of. Flex ducts are occasionally not installed properly and they can end up being kinked, undersized and left sagging. The older your ductwork is, the more likely it is to find holes, leaks, and caulking that is starting to crack allowing air to escape. Another reason may be that critters have found their way into your ducts as well, chewing holes along their path. HVAC maintenance is so crucial to catch such issues before they become major problems. 

Low Refrigerant Level: 

Low Refrigerant Level

A sealed system is only low on refrigerant if there is a leak. You should never need to have your unit "charged". The refrigerant absorbs heat from the air then disperses it back out, this process turns from a liquid to gas back to a liquid and during this process, the refrigerant does not evaporate. Because leaks can occur in numerous hard to reach areas, some leaks can go unnoticed for some time. There are some warning signs a leak is present; low airflow, blowing warm air, coils freezing over, higher electric bills or your home is taking longer to cool down. A refrigerant leak can be dangerous, depending on the location of the leak, it can cause shortness of breath and asphyxiation. If you suspect there may be a leak, call a professional immediately! 


Take care of all your A/C needs in the Spring and get ahead of the heat by keeping an eye on problems and scheduling proper preventative maintenance. We'll help make sure you're having fun, not melting from the sun! Call Hutton Power & Light today for our $89 Spring A/C Maintenance Special!