Dirty air filter

Reasons To Change Your Air Filter

Why are filter changes and HVAC maintenance important during this time of year? With summer just around the corner and the weather finally warming up, your A/C is about to go into high gear! Instead of having to wait until there is a major issue or waiting for service just to be comfortable, properly maintaining your systems before the busiest time of year, puts you in the lead for keeping cool this summer!

The Importance of Clean Indoor Air

Fresher, healthier, cleaner air is an important need for everyone in your home! Especially for children or elderly or those that suffer from allergies and asthma. Maintaining your AC unit can prevent the circulation of dust mites, pollens, and other harmful particles! The filter purifies the air making it clean and fresh!

A Clogged Air Filer Can Lead To Further Problems

Filthy air filters also lead to clogged air systems, which in turn lead to damaged HVAC systems! Dirt and neglect are the main culprits of system failures. Changing your filters on a regular basis can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and can prevent you from having to suffer in the heat!

Higher Energy Bills

Your energy bill is also affected by a clogged filter, it forces the system to work twice as hard to ensure you maintain a level of comfort unique to your needs. Simply changing your filter and maintaining your system can save as much as 25% on utility costs!

Reduce Carbon Monoxide & Other Toxic Gases 

You also reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and other toxic greenhouse gasses being released because of an overworked HVAC system! Keeping your filters clean and well maintain helps ensure that your home is eco-friendly!

Quality Air Filter Services You Can Rely On

Schedule your spring cleaning with us today! Our certified team of HVAC technicians will help provide the peace of mind that you are protecting your family by giving them the cleanest air possible and helping put money back in your wallet!

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