Electrical Safety

Safety 101

Safety 101

  • First start by teaching them what electricity is and how it works.
  • Talk to them about power lines. Let them know never to touch downed lines and to always call an adult if they see one. 
  • Walk through your home and explain how power passes room to room using wires inside the walls.

A little help from an old childhood friend!

  • Teach them how dangerous it is to insert foreign objects into outlets and how plugs and outlets function together. 
  • Make sure they know overloaded outlets is dangerous. 
  • Show them what frayed and damaged electrical cords look like so they know not to touch it and to notify an adult immediately. 

Frayed & Damaged Electrical Cords

  • When flying kites, drones, or balloons, explain that these items can be dangerous near power lines and how they should avoid them and never throw objects onto them. 
  • Practice safe swimming habits as well by not swimming during thunderstorms.
  • Teach them how to safely change light bulbs. 

Dangers of Flying Kites Near Power Lines

  • Help them understand the dangers of mixing electricity and water. Explain that even the smallest appliance with the most minimal electricity running through it can still cause serious injury if water becomes involved. 
  • Teach them about the panel box and how it functions.
  • When major things do occur, let them be involved in the process. Let them hear the discussions between yourself and your electrician and let your local electrician answer their questions.

Electric Shock

  • Always teach them about the DANGER signs found around electrical components ... you gotta obey what those signs say!
  • You can also use fun science experiments to teach how electricity flows. The classic potato battery is a great place to start! 
  • And always let them know if they aren't sure, ask an adult! 


Over 70% of childhood electrical injuries happen in the home and prevention starts with knowledge! 

Over 70% of childhood electrical injuries happen in the home and prevention starts with knowledge! 

You can always find fun and informative age-appropriate videos on YouTube that will aid in your efforts to teach them. Here's a great place to start!