Retro & Rustic Lighting

2018 Lighting Trends: Retro & Rustic

2017 Lighting Trends showcased statement lighting pieces. Bold fixtures are a great way to bring a room to life but this year has its own spin. 2018 is lighting the way, with retro & rustic style for your fixtures.

Updating your existing fixtures or adding one to a new area of your home is an instant, impactful way to customize your home. Custom lighting can set the mood and share your style in an easy, affordable way. When you call in to speak to our scheduling staff or request service on our website, we're happy to help and excited to work with you. We help you get your Light Design appointment conveniently on your schedule and ready to plan a whole new look for your home. 

What to expect when you schedule an In-Home Lighting Design appointment: 

  • Provide answers to homeowner questions
  • Determine the location(s) and purpose for lighting 
  • Determine wiring & material needs
  • Seek out your style
  • Establish the light fixture attributes and capabilities you have in mind
  • Take a look at some of these gorgeous fixtures for design inspiration. Whatever your style is, we can source it and make the process seamless for you. 

Throwback to a vintage time, with classic fixtures like these:

2018 Lighting Trends: Retro & Rustic

For a relaxed, rustic look add farmhouse fixtures like these:


When you're ready to move forward with your project, request service on our website: or give our office a call at (757) 600-6605.