HVAC Maintenance

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

When you make an investment in an HVAC system, the best way to maintain it’s value and performance is with a maintenance plan that provides proper upkeep. In this post, Hutton Power & Light, LLC outlines the most important benefits of HVAC maintenance:

Some of the most important benefits are:

Lower Utility Bills

Maintaining your HVAC unit will actually help you save money. If your unit is efficiently running it will mean less money spent on utility costs. It will also help prevent major repairs and total system replacement.

Healthy Air

A properly maintained HVAC unity will ensure proper air quality in your home. If your unit is not professionally maintained it can create a breeding ground for bacteria and molds that can cause health issues. 

Life of the System 

The better your unit is maintained the longer lifespan you can expect from it to perform optimally. 

Maintenance can create the environment for an HVAC unit to perform for 10 years. 


Efficiency is improved when an HVAC unit is professionally maintained. Studies show unmaintained units have to work 20% harder which shortens the longevity of the unit. shows that dirty or unmaintained units need to work 20 percent harder to produce the same amount of cooling or heating as a well-maintained machine. Less wear and tear will mean simpler fall and spring maintenance. 

Fewer Emergency Repairs

Most units will need emergency repairs at some point.  Well-maintained units are less likely to fail when you need them most in the summer and winter.   Keep your unit maintained and keep your family comfortable. 

Parts Kept Under Warranty

A maintenance history that is professional performed will preserve your warranty coverage. 

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