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 Be Cool, Use You Ceiling Fan Year Round!

Be Cool, Use Your Ceiling Fan Year Round!

Ceiling fans serve a variety of functions, even in the winter! With year-round use of your ceiling fan, you can slice those energy bills by up to 40%! While typically they are seen as a way to provide cooling, ceiling fans can be used to offer ventilation as well as circulate warmth in your rooms during the winter as well.

A common misconception, Fans "do not" lower the temperature or remove humidity from the air as an air conditioner would. However, they create a wind effect similar to wind chill on a brisk autumn day. They also assist with air circulation making it easier for the air to evaporate sweat, making you ultimately feel cooler.

Ceiling fans offer two rotation directions, counterclockwise and clockwise. During the summer you want to have your fans set to run counterclockwise to provide a breeze from the floor pulling the cool air upwards. During the winter set fans to clockwise and run on the lowest speed to create a gentle updraft to force warm air from the ceiling back to your occupied space.

Energy Saving Tip! Fans cool people, not rooms! Save energy by turning off your ceiling fans in unoccupied spaces! They also provide functional lighting and since they have such a wide variety of sizes, styles, and finishes they can be added to compliment your unique style.

Ceiling fans should always be installed with the appropriate UL-rated electrical box that is mounted above the ceiling. This box houses all the wiring needed to operate and should only be installed by a professional! Call us today and get your quote for ceiling fan installations!