Lightning strikes in a dark sky

Quick Tips To Keep Your HVAC System Safe During Summer Storms

Power outages during storms are sometimes inevitable, however, when lightning strikes your home and compromises your central air unit, you could be looking at a costly full system replacement. It's important to take the proper steps to protect your investments. 


It is always safe to run your systems during a normal rain or thunderstorm. However once a storm turns from light rain to possible flooding conditions you should highly consider disabling your system. Flood waters threaten the stability of your HVAC system and powering down the system fully will protect your home from other financial burdens. If you've experienced a flood, it is dire to have a certified HVAC technician inspect the unit to ensure that it is safe for further use. 


Lightning is the big factor when it comes to your HVAC system and severe weather. A total home surge protector can protect your home from being vulnerable during storms. Lightning can strike utility poles near your home sending waves of voltage through your wires, past your main breaker panel, and directly into your home frying expensive and necessary components. Refrigerators, ovens, washer/dryers, dishwashers, computers, and the list goes on and on of major items that are at risk. A single surge that lasts less than a millisecond can carry tens of thousands of volts, leaving a path of destruction along the way. 

Surge Protector

Usually covering your HVAC system is an idea we would recommend never considering, but during a major storm, you should make sure that your system is properly anchored and use a heavy duty canvas tarp to protect the unit. Hail guards are also available to cover any delicate parts of the outer unit and a wise investment. 

Again always 100% of the time, have your unit inspected after any major storms. Do not touch the unit if there are any signs of fallen power lines and make sure the area is clear of debris.

At any time, you feel that the unit could have been compromised or there is noticeable damage give us a call instead of risking injury to yourself and further damage to the system! We'll make sure your unit is ready to go again!