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Control Wiring Switches

24 volt lighting systems

What is with my 24 volt lighting system?

In the last few weeks we have had a higher than average amount of customers that have needed help with these types of systems. This article is intended to help those homeowners who may have this type of system, better understand how it works.

It was the newest trend that was sure to be the next latest and greatest. GE released this low voltage switching system in the mid 1950's

The benefits as stated by GE:

“The low-voltage switching platform consists of relay panels which are typically mounted in the electrical closet. Each lighting load to be controlled is wired through a relay. The relays, in turn, are connected to manual switches with low-voltage wires.

The resulting switching platform has a number of benefits:

  • Any number of switches can control a single relay.

  • This makes it possible to control the lighting from any number of locations, including a central switching console.

  • The status of each lighting load can be annunciated.

  • This makes remote switching of lighting circuits code-compliant and practical.

  • Relays can be grouped for common control. This provides a low cost, re-configurable, multi-pole contactor function.

  • Low-voltage wiring reduces wiring cost by eliminating the need for expensive conduit. This is especially important in long switch runs.

While these systems are somewhat of a living museum, they can be a pain in the butt to work on. Most of the time the relay cabinet is somewhere hard to get to and the replacement parts can be troublesome to find. 

Most systems are comprised of transformers, latching relays, and momentary switches. 

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