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Decades Of Danger: Federal Pacific Electrical Panels Cause 2000 Fires Per Year

Federal Pacific Electrical Panels

There is a lot of differing opinions out there regarding Federal Pacific electrical panels. If you got a group of home inspectors, real estate agents, and electricians in a room to discuss these panels you would likely have a heated discussion. In the age of Google, everyone is such an expert that it negates the opinions of the real experts: the electricians. These panels have been nicknamed "widow makers" by electricians coast to coast. Every now and then you get an electrician that says, 'there is nothing wrong with it". Hey even I thought I was wrong once...but I was mistaken. All kidding aside, these panels are absolute trash. Manufactured by a company that falsified its underwriter's laboratory testing, it is the cause of some 2000 house fires per year. In 1982 the Consumer Product Safety Commission independently tested Federal Pacific Breakers and determined they would fail to trip. However, a national recall was never issued. Many believe the CPSC lacked the funds to further legally pursue the now-defunct Federal Pacific. I would challenge anyone that says these panels are problem-free to put that in a written statement and sign your name to it. If you a buying a home with these panels in them, get them changed by a licensed electrical contractor. But don't take my word for it. Do your own research.

Why Federal Pacific Electrical Panels are bad:

  • Falsely acquired UL listing by tricking the tests
  • Breakers routinely fail to trip in over current situations
  • Cause about 2000 fires per year
  • Were never officially recalled, leaving a lot of Federal Pacific equipment in use today
  • A lot of misinformation and opinions given to owners of equipment from handymen, real estate agents, and lesser qualified electricians.

Video by NBC News on the risks of Federal Pacific Panels

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