What Goes Into the Cost of Installing a Circuit Breaker?

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Electricity is an essential part of our daily lives, so your home needs to be able to keep up with your family’s electrical demands. That’s where your circuit breaker comes in. Outdated circuit breakers aren’t capable of delivering the power that modern appliances require, so you’ll need to replace yours if you’re adding on to your home or installing new large appliances.

When it’s time to install a new circuit breaker, your first question may be how much it’ll cost. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The cost of installing a circuit breaker depends on a variety of factors, so it can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand. In this blog post, our expert electricians at Hutton Electric, Heating & Air will cover how the different factors that could impact your total cost.

Circuit Breaker Size

The more power your home needs, the larger your circuit breaker will need to be. Circuit breakers are measured by their amperage (amps) rating. Larger appliances, such as washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators, require around 20 amps of power. If you need to power a lot of these devices, you’ll need a circuit breaker with a high amperage, which costs more.

Difficulty of Installation

Depending on your home’s infrastructure, installing a new circuit breaker can either be a straightforward job or a complex process. This largely comes down to how easily your electrician can access your electrical wiring. For instance, installing a circuit breaker in an unfinished home will cost less than in a finished home because your electricians won’t have to remove and possibly replace drywall


Circuit Length

Another factor that can impact your installation cost is the length of the circuits. Your circuits have to extend from the circuit breaker to the outlets throughout your home. Longer circuits require more wire and take more time for your electrician to install. For example, installing a circuit breaker in a multistory home will be more difficult as the wires will have to run through walls and floors to reach the outlets on the higher stories.

Your Electrician

Your circuit breaker is a crucial part of your home’s electrical system, so you’ll want to ensure it’s installed by a licensed, insured, and reliable electrician. You should always look to hire a reputable company, which you can determine through recommendations and reviews.

Experienced and trustworthy electricians will cost more, but it’s a worthwhile expense to ensure your electrical work is completed correctly and safely. Be wary of going with the lowest price, as improper electric work can lead to fires and other dangers. Instead, find a company like Hutton that offers fair and upfront prices at a great value.

Choose Hutton for Circuit Breaker Services

When you need trusted and experienced electricians in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, or the surrounding areas, go with Hutton Electric, Heating & Air. Our family-owned and -operated company puts our customers first, so you can count on quality results and friendly service. For our customers’ benefit, we offer same-day services, upfront pricing, and free estimates.

Call Hutton at 757-302-8770 or contact us online to schedule circuit breaker services in the Norfolk area.

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