How Do You Know if Your Generator Needs Repairs?

standby generator

Power outages can happen at any time due to many reasons, such as severe weather conditions, technical glitches, or infrastructure issues, leaving homes and businesses without electricity. This is where a backup generator comes in handy. It provides power when the main source fails, keeping your essential appliances and systems running. However, like all other electrical equipment, a generator can malfunction over time and require repairs. Here are the signs you should pay attention to:

Poor Performance

A generator that’s working correctly will provide sufficient power to all the appliances connected to it. If you notice that your generator is tripping the circuits or is struggling to power up your essential appliances, it’s a sign that the unit needs repair. This can happen due to damaged internal components, clogged fuel filters, or a malfunctioning voltage regulator.

Leaking Fuel or Oil

If you notice any fuel or oil leaks around your generator, it’s a clear indication that something is wrong with it. Fuel leaks not only pose a safety hazard but can also damage the engine parts if they come into contact with them. Oil leaks, on the other hand, can lead to engine failure or fire.

Unusual Sounds

Generators often make a soft humming or buzzing sound when they are running, so some noise is expected. However, if you hear any banging, clunking, or grinding noises, it’s a red flag that your unit is about to break down. Strange noises can occur due to various reasons, including loose connections, worn-out belts, or a malfunctioning fan, so it’s important to have your generator inspected quickly if you notice this problem.


Starting Problems

If your generator fails to start or takes longer to start than usual, this is another sign that it needs repair. Problems with startup can be due to dead batteries, clogged spark arrestors, or damaged ignition coils.

Smoke or Fumes

If you notice any smoke or fumes emanating from your generator, it’s an immediate indication that it needs repair ASAP. Smoke or fumes can indicate many problems, including damaged engines, worn-out pistons, or blocked air intakes. If your generator is smoking, turn it off and then call a professional for repairs.

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Repairs

While some generator issues are minor and can be fixed by a homeowner, others require the expertise of a licensed and experienced professional. Here are some reasons why you should hire a specialist for your generator repairs:

  • Safety: Generators produce high-voltage electricity. Attempting any DIY repairs can lead to electrocution or damage to your home’s electrical systems. Professionals have the right tools, equipment, and safety gear to handle generator repairs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Trying to fix electrical equipment by yourself can lead to expensive repairs or replacements if you don’t do it right. Professional electricians have the necessary skills and experience to identify and fix the issue, saving you money in the long run.
  • Efficiency: Professional repairers can diagnose and fix the issue within a short period, minimizing the downtime of your generator and reducing the inconvenience to your home or business.

A backup generator is a valuable asset for your home or business, especially during power outages. However, if you notice any signs of repair issues, it is crucial to take action quickly.

Hutton Electric, Heating & Air provides 24/7 emergency services and same-day repairs from qualified professionals. Call us at 757-302-8770 for all your generator repair needs in Norfolk, VA, and surrounding areas.

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