Hurricane Florence

After a hurricane, the effects can render heartbreaking experiences. We strongly urge you to use all the time you have to prepare so you can pick up the pieces and start to heal and repair a little easier. We all here at Hutton and Light hope you and your family and loved ones stay safe as this devastating storm approaches.  


The most important tip we can provide: Make sure you have a solid plan and to communicate that plan to all loved ones.

Solid Plan

  •  Keep a list of all important names addresses and telephone numbers you may need as well, as there may not be power to charge electronics.
  • Always stay tuned to local news and radio stations for important instructions, announcements, and other bulletins.
  •  Be prepared to not have immediate access to your home. Roads could be blocked by downed trees, power lines, flooding, and rescue crews attending to special needs. 


Things to avoid: 

  • “Sightseeing” or entering storm-affected areas, you could be mistaken for a looter and the areas may be dangerous downed power lines. Metal fences and other metal objects near fallen power lines driving around in flooded areas, even if they look like they could be safely passed, there will be areas that are deeper than expected. 
  •  DO NOT turn on your power if there is flooding present until you have a professional conduct a thorough inspection!
  •  Make sure you have current ID, it’s a good thing to keep insurance papers, deeds, and other important documents in watertight containers with you at all times during and after the storm. 

Important Documents

  •  Flooding often brings pests. Beware entering your home for snakes, mice, rats and other insects or wildlife that took shelter under your roof. 
  • Take pictures if possible of all property, home, cars, boats etc. prior to the storm. 
  • When you are able to return home take note of buckled walls, floors, broken glass, holes in the floor, and other potentially dangerous debris.  

Flooded Livingroom

Also these helpful reminders for those affected by flooding. 

  • Remember that flood water can be heavily contaminated with raw sewage and other pollutants that can cause serious illnesses and infections and it’s never a good idea to swim or play in flood waters. No matter how clean they may appear! 
  • If you have a well on your property do NOT drink water until you’ve had it tested for any contaminates first. 
  •  Maintain good hygiene during flood cleanup, wash your hands often and keep children and pets away from contaminated areas during cleanup. Some essential clean-up needs Gloves, masks and protective eye gear, pails, mops, squeegees, plastic garbage bags, detergents, large containers for soak bedding, linens, clothes, etc. 

Clean up

  • Flush and disinfect floor drains and sump pumps with detergent and water. 
  •  Keep the house well ventilated until the home is dry. Rinse and clean all floors as quickly as possible, replace all flooring that has been deeply penetrated by flood water or sewage, and cleans all interior wall and floor cavities with water and unscented detergent. 
  •  Carpeting must be dried within the first 2 days to avoid severe damage. For larger areas, you can hire professional to do clean-up.  

Professional Flood Clean Up

One last thing to mention: Do NOT contact emergency services unless it is life-threatening. Remember a large number of people are going to be affected by this storm and emergency responders are going to be spread thin for possibly days.


Please keep your loved ones safe during this storm we bear together. And remember “IF IT’S NOT SAFE FOR YOU, IT’S NOT SAFE FOR YOUR PETS!”  

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