Parking Lot Lighting Services in the Hampton Roads Area

Hutton Electric, Heating & Air provides top-quality HVAC and electrical services to the Norfolk area. Woman-owned and family-operated since 2015, our parking lot lighting services will help your business, clients, and employees through increased safety, efficiency, and peace of mind. All our work comes backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Hutton’s master electricians have extensive training and experience with parking lot lighting services. Contact us for parking lot lighting installations, repairs, upgrades, and more.

For more information about parking lot lighting services in Norfolk, VA, or the surrounding areas, call Hutton at 757-302-8770 or contact us online.

Parking Lot Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting Installation

Whether your business is just starting out, expanding, or making things better, parking lot lighting installation can be a big deal. Hutton Electric, Heating & Air takes lighting projects seriously and knows how to get them done right the first time.

Contact us online or call 757-302-8770 to learn more about parking lot lighting installation services in the Chesapeake, VA, area.

Parking Lot Lighting Upgrades

Whether your parking lot lighting needs to switch to LED bulbs or needs a complete overhaul, Hutton electricians have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time.


Parking Lot Lighting Repair

From burned-out bulbs to damaged light bulbs to replacing faulty components, Hutton electricians can get your parking lot lighting systems back up and running quickly and efficiently.

To schedule parking lot lighting repair services, call 757-302-8770 or reach out online.

Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Parking Lot Lighting

It’s not always apparent that upgrades are needed regarding parking lot lighting. Here are some signs that the lighting in your parking lot may need upgrading:

  • Dark spots: You notice dark patches where the current lighting doesn’t reach.
  • Frequent bulb burnouts: If bulbs you recently replaced have already burned out, there could be a more significant problem.
  • Light pollution: Your parking lot lighting doesn’t look clean due to ultraviolet rays, mercury, or similar contaminants.
  • Reduced energy efficiency: Switching from CFL or incandescent lighting to LED can reduce energy usage to 3% to 33% of current levels.
  • Users don’t feel safe: People feel safer in well-lit places, so upgrading your lighting could provide a safer feeling in parking lots.

Does the parking lot lighting on your property need an upgrade? Call Hutton at 757-302-8770 or contact us online today!

Parking Lot Lighting Services Offered

Hutton’s professional team of electricians has extensive knowledge and training in various lighting applications. We can quickly and efficiently help with installations, repairs, and upgrades for many lighting projects, such as:

  • Lighting design
  • Lamp and ballast replacement
  • Pole replacement
  • New lighting installation
  • Underground cable locating and splicing
  • LED lighting retrofitting
  • Lighting controls
  • Working heights up to 120 feet

To schedule parking lot lighting services in Norfolk, VA, or the surrounding areas, call Hutton at 757-302-8770 or contact us online.

Properties We Serve

Whether in open parking lots or other parking structures, Hutton technicians have provided lighting solutions for all types of properties throughout the Hampton Roads area, including:

  • Shopping centers
  • Sports complexes
  • Big-box retail stores
  • Churches
  • Parks and recreation areas
  • Office complexes
  • Business parks


Call 757-302-8770 or contact us online to learn more about how Hutton can help with parking lot lighting on your property.

Why Choose Hutton Parking Lot Lighting Services?

In the Norfolk area, Hutton Electric, Heating & Air offers the best in parking lot lighting services. Our electricians are licensed and insured and have passed extensive background checks. We offer 24/7 emergency service and same-day service with no overtime charges.

For more information about Hutton parking lot lighting services, call 757-302-8770 or contact us online.

Parking Lot Lighting FAQs

How tall are parking lot light poles?

LED poles usually work best at 15 to 20 feet tall.

What is the best type of bulb for outdoor parking lot lighting?

LED lights tend to perform best. They offer a balance of brightness, durability, and energy efficiency.

What is a foot-candle?

A foot-candle is the U.S. standard unit that measures the amount of light reaching a surface. It equals the illuminance on a surface when cast by a single candle 1 foot away.


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