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EV Charging Stations

Norfolk Electrical & HVAC Services

Expert EV Charging Station Installation in Norfolk

Providing Reliable EV Charging Services to Ensure Your Vehicle Goes the Distance in Norfolk and Beyond

Your electric vehicle was a smart investment. It’s better for the environment and you won’t miss paying out the nose for gas. But how will you charge it? The experienced Master Electricians at Hutton Power & Light can equip your home with an EV charging station that will power up your ride fast and reliably. We have more than 40 years of experience providing expert electrical solutions in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and surrounding communities.

EV Charging Options

You can juice up your car’s depleted battery one of three ways:

  • Level 1 Charging: Most EVs come with a Level 1 charger that you can plug into a standard 120-volt outlet. This allows you to power up your vehicle the same way you’d charge your phone. While Level 1 charging doesn’t require any special equipment, this is by far your slowest option. Depending on the type of vehicle, it can take days to fully charge a battery. Level 1 charging is best for those who use their EVs for short-range driving.
  • Level 2 Charging: What used to take days, now takes only hours to charge up your car. Level 2 uses 240 volts of electricity, the same amount of power major household appliances require, to super charge your EV. Because of the complicated nature of the project and the danger associated with electrical work, installing a Level 2 charger is definitely not a DIY job. For many EV owners, Level 2 is a worthwhile investment. Longer distance drivers don’t have to fret about range, plus many Level 2 models come with convenient features such as WiFi and smartphone connectivity.
  • Level 3 Charging: These rapid charging stations will get your car’s battery up to 100% in less than an hour. They’re only available for commercial properties.

What to Expect During Your At-Home EV Charging Station Installation

Our electricians will work closely with you to determine the best option for your home and electric vehicle. Before installing a Level 2 charging station, we’ll determine if your home has adequate electrical service. If your home can’t supply the charger’s demand, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel. In most cases, we’ll be able to install your charger in a day. When we’re finished with the project, your EV will have convenient access to reliable power, so that your battery will get a full charge in a matter of hours.

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