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Statistics have shown that power outages are increasingly more common these days; from 2000-2004, there were about 44 reported grid outages (on average) reported each year. In contrast, there were an average of 200 reported outages from the start of 2010-2013. There were 130 reported grid outages in the first six months of 2014 alone.

These statistics reveal a not altogether surprising trend: as we require more and more energy to power our homes, businesses, and lives, the number of grid outages increases. Of course, some grid outages are caused by unexpected and unpredictable weather events, such as large storms, weather events, and hurricanes. The best way to stay prepared is to have a generator for your home or commercial property. At Hutton Power & Light, LLC, we provide comprehensive generator services in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and the surrounding areas. Read our reviews to see why customers love working with us so much!

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Advantages of Residential & Commercial Generators

The primary advantage of having a generator is the ability to maintain power even when a grid outage occurs. With a generator, you can control your power and control your life.

Some of the benefits of residential generators include:

  • Uninterrupted use of lights, appliances, heater/AC, and other electrical systems during power outages
  • Security, comfort, and peace of mind during large storms and weather events
  • Surge protection and security from voltage fluctuations when power comes back on
  • The ability to continue daily routines and stay safe during emergencies
  • Can reduce insurance rates and boost the value of your home in some cases

Some of the benefits of commercial generators include:

  • Continued operation of your business/productivity during power outages
  • Improved safety of your commercial property during blackouts
  • Protection of your products, supplies, and valuable business equipment
  • Uninterrupted comfort for yourself, your employees, your customers, and/or your residents
  • Surge protection for your valuable electronics when power returns

Whether you would like to have a new generator installed in preparation of the next power outage, or you need service—such as an inspection or repairs—for your existing generator, the experienced and highly trained team at Hutton Power & Light is ready to help. We partner with several high-end generator brands to ensure you get the best possible solution. Contact us to learn more about your options, including automatic standby generators.

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