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Keeping Homes & Businesses Germ-Free

Our team at Hutton Power & Light, LLC understands that keeping your space clean is more important now than ever before. That is why we are proud to offer homes and businesses in Norfolk industry-leading disinfection services. Our professionals are highly trained to ensure your customized treatment is effective—sanitizing every inch of your space, even reaching areas of your property that traditional purification methods can’t. With EPA-registered disinfectant treatment, highly qualified technicians, and unparalleled customer service, our team is confident you will be satisfied with our expert disinfection services.

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A Disinfection Process that Is Second to None

Our team uses the most advanced and trusted treatments on the market in order to create a truly sanitized space. Because no two spaces are the same, every service begins with a thorough evaluation of your property to determine the extent and frequency of treatment needed to best suit your needs. We will work with you to draw up a personalized disinfection plan to allow people to enter your home or business confidently.

Because airborne contaminants like allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold, and VOCs can affect not just your indoor comfort, but also your health, it is important to find solutions that are proven effective and safe. We utilize dry fogging techniques and the HaloSil Disinfection System® which have been diligently tested for effectiveness and also work quickly, with service being completed within half an hour, so you can resume normal activity within an hour of service. Our solutions are also multi-purpose, effectively disinfecting surfaces while also controlling mold growth.

Norfolk’s Complete Indoor Air Quality Specialists

“Fast service and fair pricing. Will definitely call again!” – Past Customer

As a local company, Hutton Power & Light, LLC takes the health, comfort, and safety of our neighbors seriously, which is why in addition to our disinfection services we offer air filtration installation as well as duct cleaning services and other indoor air quality solutions. We want to help our community creates spaces that are clean and fresh to decrease asthma symptoms and reduce illness caused by airborne pollution.

We are a team of Master Technicians who are dedicated to finding the perfect space cleaning solution for you. Whether you need a single disinfection treatment before a get-together, or you are searching for a reoccurring solution to create a consistently sanitary space, our Norfolk team can help. With 40 years of experience, dozens of 5-star reviews, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our skilled team is ready to assist you in creating a germ-free space.

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